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Signs and Symptoms of OCD Can Look Like

In many cases, a lot of the symptoms of OCD can be seen in those with any type of OCD. In this section, you will get a closer look at some of the symptoms of the various subtypes to help you see if you suffer from any subtype of OCD. Contamination/Cleaning Symptoms of this subtype include: Obsessive concerns about getting sicks or germs.Persistent thoughts about feeling unclean or dirty, either physically or mentally.Constant fears about toxic substances, blood, viruses, and various other types of contamination.Avoiding any potential sources for contamination.Compulsions to get rid of any items that you perceive as dirty, even if they aren’t dirtyCompulsions to clean or wash any contaminated items.Specific washing and cleaning rituals, such as cleaning a surface a specific number of...

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What Are Anxiety Disorders?

It’s very easy to confuse OCD as just anxiety, especially since Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is categorized as an anxiety disorder. However, like other anxiety disorders, it has its own signs, symptoms, and solutions, so it can’t be chalked up as just anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that everyone will feel at some point but anxiety disorders are much more severe because you would be suffering intense feelings of fear and worry that is disproportionate to what is happening in your life; panicking about everyday things like work, meeting with friends, the security of your home, etc. They will often include panic attacks as your fear reaches a peak. Anxiety disorders include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)Social Anxiety DisorderSpecific PhobiasPost-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Panic...

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About Anxiety

As you see, anxiety and anxiety disorders are incredibly common. The reasons for having anxiety in today’s...

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OCD vs Anxiety

Identifying whether or not you are dealing with anxiety or OCD can be difficult. Especially, because...

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