Signs and Symptoms of OCD Can Look Like

In many cases, a lot of the symptoms of OCD can be seen in those with any type of OCD. In this section, you will get a closer look at some of the symptoms of the various subtypes to help you see if you suffer from any subtype of OCD.


Symptoms of this subtype include:

  • Obsessive concerns about getting sicks or germs.
  • Persistent thoughts about feeling unclean or dirty, either physically or mentally.
  • Constant fears about toxic substances, blood, viruses, and various other types of contamination.
  • Avoiding any potential sources for contamination.
  • Compulsions to get rid of any items that you perceive as dirty, even if they aren’t dirty
  • Compulsions to clean or wash any contaminated items.
  • Specific washing and cleaning rituals, such as cleaning a surface a specific number of times.


  • Need for items to be aligned in a specific manner.
  • Requiring symmetry or organization of your items.
  • Need symmetry in your actions, such as if you scratch one hand you need to scratch the other.
  • Compulsion to arrange items until they are perfect.
  • Feeling distressed or incomplete if things aren’t exactly how they should be.
  • Counting rituals, meaning that you need to count to a number a specific number of times.