About Brad

Brad Wilson is the Founder of the The OCD Treatment Center, OCDTest.com, The OCD Recovery Project. He is also and the creator of the The OCD Recovery Formula, and our Types of OCD Test. Brad is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California. Brad’s passion is supporting clients in ending their OCD and anxiety cycle through innovative resources, treatment programs, effective strategies, and courses.

About Brad

Professional Background Information

  • Founder, The OCD Treatment Center
  • Licensed Marraige & Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Treating clients with OCD & anxiety since 2015
  • Conducted Over 50+ Intensive Treatment Programs for OCD
  • Treated clients with all OCD subtypes and levels of severity
  • Co-Facilitator of the Support Groups at The Gateway Institute
  • Served as the Treasurer of OCD Southern California 2014-2016
About Brad

Educational Background Information

  • Master’s in Counseling Psychology (Clinical)
  • Transformational Coaching Certification (Mindset / Transformation)
  • Holistic Health Care Degree (Holistic Care)
  • Personal Experience (Over a decade of personal OCD and anxiety experience)

Bradley’s Purpose

Knowing what it is like to personally suffer from OCD for over a decade, Bradley’s purpose is to help as many people as possible from as many countries as possible, understand and end the OCD and anxiety cycle.

Additionally, he recognizes the lack of treatment options in America and abroad and is committed to helping those without local resources find the help that they need.

More on Bradley’s Professional Background

Bradley first started working in the mental health field in 2014. With his background in business development, he has helped grow The Gateway Institute into a multi-state, multi-location treatment center. During this time, he’s helped thousands of people find and receive treatment for OCD.

Early into his time at Gateway, Bradley made the decision to return to school to complete his Bachelors in Psychology, which gave him the ability to start working with clients in the Intensive Treatment Programs for OCD. Since this time, Bradley has gone on to get his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from National University.

While being supervised as a Behavioral Interventionist, Bradley utilizes the treatment methods of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Exposure Therapy (ET), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Therapy (MBBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Additionally, Bradley has created his own technique that he calls ‘Clarity’ to help clients breakthrough fear and identify their truth.

What also makes Bradley’s professional background unique is his diverse education in other forms of treatment, including his three-year Transformational Coaching training with Christine Brondyke and The Conscious Leadership Group, as well as a degree in Holistic Health Care from Body Mind College and under Dr. Barry Green. As a result of his diverse background in other treatment forms, Bradley views clients through a lens of holistic health and supports clients in personal transformation and growth.

More on Bradley’s Personal Background

As a result of his personal battle with OCD, Bradley is able to combine both his clinical and personal experiences to help others end the OCD cycle.

In addition to his professional, educational, and clinical background, Bradley also knows what it is like to personally experience battling OCD and anxiety for over 15 years. During the peak of his OCD, he would have scored between ‘Severe’ to ‘Extreme’ on the OCD Test. Luckily for Bradley, he was able to find the help that he needed and ended the OCD Cycle in 2009. He has been out of the OCD cycle since this time.

As a result of his own experiences, Bradley brings compassion, energy, enthusiasm, innovation, and dedicated attention to quality services for all clientele. Bradley is passionate about working with adults and adolescents, helping them reclaim joy and confidence in their lives and guiding them to reach their true potential.

For more information about Bradley’s background, and to view his Linkedin profile, click here.