Violent / Aggressive Thoughts OCD Test & Symptoms

Violent or Aggressive Thoughts OCD are common subtypes of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. These thoughts, images, and fears of acting on an unwanted impulsive (obsessions) can feel incredibly overwhelming because they are counter to who the person suffering from these thoughts knows themselves to be. Therefore, people suffering from intrusive, violent, or aggressive intrusive thoughts will often feel scared or frightened by their own thoughts or ways of thinking. The themes of these thoughts can be physically violent in nature and even include the fear of hurting, stabbing, raping, or otherwise harming a person or animal. They can also include the fear of committing a crime or doing something to cause them to go to jail/prison, fear of acting on an unwanted impulse that would cause harm to another, or the fear that they might lose control one day and do something unlawful, violent, or aggressive. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from Violent or Aggressive OCD to experience intrusive thoughts that leave them feeling like they must be a terrible person for thinking such thoughts. It is important to know that these thoughts are intrusive and unwanted and therefore you are not trying to create or have such thoughts. As a result of having these thoughts, it is not uncommon for people suffering from this type of OCD to want to perform physical compulsions by avoiding people, places, or experiences that pertain to the intrusive thoughts. Other forms of compulsions for this type of OCD include mental compulsions, wherein an individual suffering from violent/aggressive OCD thoughts will mentally ruminate about whether or not they are capable of committing such a bad act or about why they have these thoughts.