Somatic / Sensorimotor OCD Test & Symptoms

Somatic OCD or Sensorimotor OCD is a subtype often associated with the need to continually check (feel or analyze) sensations in the body. Individuals suffering from this type of OCD are often feeling tightness, tingling, pain, headaches, or other mysterious somatic sensations in their body. As a result, they are constantly checking their sensations of pain, headaches, blinking, breathing, heart rate, or other biological activity. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from Somatic/Sensorimotor OCD to have a history of suffering panic/anxiety attacks or some other physical illness or condition currently or in the past, or for these individuals to have dealt with previous medical issues that trigger concern about their physical health. As a result, most people suffering from this type of OCD are compulsively trying to control these physical sensations or autonomic bodily functioning such as breathing or blinking in order to feel in control. Individuals experiencing this form of OCD also typically engage in much online research (compulsive behavior) to minimize the fear of death, physical illness, or other feared conditions. They also can feel the excessive and continuous need to consult with medical professionals or specialists to ensure that they are healthy. Even when they get results from tests, this will only provide temporary relief, followed by the need to see additional specialists. These compulsive behaviors only fuel the OCD cycle.