Sexually Aggressive OCD Test & Symptoms

Like other forms of Aggressive OCD, Sexually Aggressive OCD creates intrusive, repetitive, sexually aggressive thoughts, images, and fears of acting on an unwanted impulse towards others in a sexual manner. These thoughts can be incredibly overwhelming and leave you questioning who you are, what you are capable of, or if you are an immoral person or sexual predator. Often times these intrusive thoughts and images are about being sexually inappropriate, or violating, raping, or harming someone sexually. They often include inappropriate sexually taboo thoughts towards others. These can be towards children (Pedophilia or pOCD), family members (Incest OCD), towards the same sex (Homosexual or hOCD), and can leave the person questioning their sexual orientation (Sexual Orientation OCD). For some people, they can even include sexual thoughts about God, Jesus, or any other holy person(s). The most common physical types of compulsive behaviors for this type of OCD are avoiding the person or people that they are having the unwanted thoughts about, or places they will be. Common mental compulsions include ruminating (analyzing, pondering), needing to know and trying to determine if they really want to commit the aggressive act, or questioning if they are really capable of performing such an act.