Religious OCD / Scrupulosity Test & Symptoms

Religious OCD or Scrupulosity is another common subtype of OCD. People suffering from this form of OCD can be religious or not religious at all or can even be an atheist and not believe in God. Regardless of whether or not they are religious or believe in a God(s), individuals suffering from Religious OCD/Scrupulosity will fear that God will punish them, fear they could, or will go to hell, fear being morally wrong or evil, or fear anything pertaining to hell, the devil, or the occult. Unfortunately for individuals suffering from this subtype of OCD, they can feel as if their OCD has taken over their religion, connection to God, or their spirituality. The thoughts, mental images, or fears of acting on an unwanted impulse (obsessions) regarding religion or God can take over someone\’s life and become incredibly overwhelming and all-consuming. This can lead to feelings of depression, sadness, guilt and shame. It is not uncommon for these individuals to fear saying, doing, or acting in a certain way that is considered inappropriate, immoral, or could threaten their likelihood of going to Heaven. As a result of encountering these fears, most people with Religious OCD/Scrupulosity will feel the need to constantly and ritualistically pray, read the Bible, seek forgiveness, confess, express their fears to religious authorities such as rabbis or pastors, or ask for forgiveness from others. It is also not uncommon to want to seek reassurance from others in their life to ensure that they are a good person, and are moral, honest, and didn’t perform an inappropriate action.