Postpartum OCD Test & Symptoms

Postpartum OCD is the onset of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, either starting or being exacerbated after giving birth. Women suffering from this form of OCD can be flooded with intrusive thoughts after pregnancy. This can be very overwhelming, especially for those that have never had such thoughts in their life before. These intrusive, unwanted thoughts, images, and fears of acting on an unwanted impulse (obsessions) can have specific themes. These obsessional themes can even include thoughts or fears of hurting or killing your new child, or yourself. This can cause mothers to want to avoid their newborn children, seek reassurance from their significant others, or question if they are capable of acting out these thoughts. Other obsessional themes can include ensuring the safety of your child, safety of the house, or needing to ensure cleanliness of both. Know that other subtypes of OCD can emerge or intensify as a result of experiencing Postpartum OCD. Common compulsions can include checking to make sure the house is safety proofed, repetitively checking on the baby or following the child around the house to make sure they are safe, or decontaminating the house to ensure it is clean/safe. It is also not uncommon for the women suffering from Postpartum OCD to also be suffering from Postpartum Depression.