Perinatal OCD Test & Symptoms

Perinatal OCD is the onset of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder during pregnancy. For others that already recognized OCD in their life prior to becoming pregnant, OCD can be exacerbated during pregnancy. Women suffering from this form of OCD can become flooded with intrusive, unwanted thoughts, images, or fears of acting on an unwanted impulse (obsessions). Like other forms of OCD, intrusive thoughts and the need to perform compulsions can start to consume a woman\’s life now that she is pregnant. This can be very overwhelming, especially for those that have never had such thoughts in their life before. These intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images, and fears of acting on an undesirable impulse can have specific themes. Common compulsive patterns of Perinatal OCD include checking to ensure that the pregnant mothers are creating a safe space for their child to grow up in, constantly checking and evaluating what they are eating or doing in order to keep them and their baby safe, or any other common subtype of OCD. Additional compulsive behavior can include the need to avoid certain people, places, or contaminants to ensure they and their child are safe.