Perfectionism OCD Test & Symptoms

Perfectionism OCD is a common feature of many subtypes of OCD most sufferers will at some point feel the need to perform compulsive behaviors “perfectly.” Perfectionism may also represent the individual\’s most frequent and preoccupying form of obsessional content. Most people suffering from Perfectionism OCD and Perfectionism feel the need for things to be perfect in their life. Most commonly, Perfectionism OCD can show up in academics, grooming, reading, writing, or the need to perform other tasks perfectly. Common compulsions include rereading, rewriting, or rechecking to ensure that something is perfect. This can include homework, emails, letters, or other forms of communication. Grooming compulsions can include the need for clothes to be perfectly ironed, hair is combed perfectly, or other ways of achieving perfection through grooming. It is important to note that perfectionism OCD or Perfectionism can show up in a variety of ways that aren’t mentioned here. What is important to know is that the need for things to be perfect is driving compulsive behavior and fueling the OCD cycle.