Morality OCD Test & Symptoms

This is another very common form of OCD, although it is often intertwined with other subtypes of OCD. It is not uncommon for someone with OCD to be very caring, sensitive, considerate, trustworthy, or to want to do right in the world or for people with OCD to be religious, spiritual, or try to live by a strong moral code. When someone is suffering from Morality OCD, they will experience obsessions or intrusive thoughts that cause them to feel like they are a bad person, do or could do bad things, are immoral, untrustworthy, or could do horrible/catastrophic things in the future. As a result of the doubt and uncertainty they experience regarding their ethics and morality, they are typically left questioning their identity, actions, behaviors, thoughts, or things they may do in the future to verify whether or not they are a good and moral person. People suffering from this form of OCD may also search their pasts and personal histories for mistakes or signs that they are immoral or have hurt someone they love. This can lead to fearing that they are a bad person and must do things to repent for perceived bad behavior. Other common mental compulsions can include checking whether or not they might have done something immoral in the past (even 5 minutes ago), replaying past events or future events, or needing to know exactly what one did in the past.