Just Right OCD Test & Symptoms

Individuals suffering from “Just Right” OCD often feel the need for things to feel or be “Just Right” in their lives before they can move on with their day/life. Their OCD can start to tell them that in order for something to be done, it needs to feel just right. Otherwise, if it doesn’t feel just right, it is not complete, or something bad will happen. This can include needing your shirt, pants, socks, or an outfit to feel just right, for tasks such as homework to be or feel just right before turning it in, or even needing to feel just right before they finish any activity/task. This need for things to feel just right can lead to a lot of pain and suffering and can make everyday tasks take much longer than for everyone else. Other forms of internal compulsive behavior can include checking internally to verify if something feels just right before you start or finish it. Additional physical compulsions can include repeating an action or behavior multiple times until it “feels right” and your anxiety goes down. Individuals suffering from this subtype of OCD can also choose to avoid the action or behavior altogether as to not get caught needing to ensure something is just right.