Incest OCD Test & Symptoms

Incest OCD is a type of sexually aggressive OCD. Individuals suffering from this type of OCD will have sexually intrusive thoughts, images, or fears of committing a sexual act towards their father, mother, brother, sister, children), or other family members, including elders. These thoughts can be incredibly overwhelming and disturbing and can lead one to want to avoid these family members altogether. Often times, these individuals will be left ruminating whether or not they truly want to act out these thoughts or images and check whether or not they are sexually attracted to family members. These thoughts can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment. Common compulsions of this subtype of OCD include avoiding certain family members and avoiding physical contact with these individuals in the hopes that these thoughts will go away, or mental compulsions such as checking one’s intentions or monitoring one’s body for signs of sexual arousal. Unfortunately, all these compulsions do is fuel the OCD cycle.