Hit and Run OCD Test & Symptoms

Hit and Run OCD is a type of Harm OCD wherein individuals fear that they will hit someone while driving their car. These individuals will often avoid driving altogether to eliminate the fear of hitting someone. By avoiding driving, they feel a sense of reassurance that they can’t hit or hurt someone with their vehicle. When someone that is suffering from Hit and Run OCD does drive, they will frequently and repeatedly check the car or all of the mirrors repeatedly to ensure they won’t or haven’t hit someone with their car. It is also not uncommon for these individuals to repeatedly feel the need to turn the car around and retrace their route to verify and ensure that they didn’t hit or kill anyone, or to check the news for stories related to traffic accidents or pedestrians struck by cars. Individuals suffering from Hit and Run OCD fear that the police will come to their house or work to arrest them for hitting someone or causing an accident. Other compulsions of Hit and Run OCD can include avoiding driving near certain areas, such as schools, bus stops, speed bumps, freeways, or two-way highways.