Health / Hypochondria OCD Test & Symptoms

Health OCD/Hypochondria is very common. Often times, people with this form of OCD have either suffered some type of traumatic medical event in their life and are also suffering from anxiety/panic attacks. This type of OCD leaves one constantly performing mental and physical compulsions by checking within their body to ensure that they are safe from a life-threatening illness, medical condition, disease, or other catastrophic physical conditions that could lead to death. Most people with Health OCD conduct online research to self-diagnose or rule out signs and symptoms in order to ensure that they do not have the condition they are concerned about. It is not uncommon for these individuals to want to compulsively search WebMD or other self-diagnosis online tools to ensure they are safe, healthy, or not suffering a life- threatening condition. Additional compulsive behaviors include monitoring somatic and physical sensations such as feeling their heartbeat or pulse, breathing, and blinking, or inspecting their chest, hands, feet, or other body sensations to make sure they are safe, healthy, and that they are not going to die. It is also not uncommon for individuals suffering from Health OCD/Hypochondria to compulsively visit the doctor or other medical specialists to reassure themselves that they don’t have an illness. Any feelings of relief achieved by these compulsions will only endure for a short while and then will be replaced by the need to see another doctor, get a second opinion, or complete a test again to reassure themselves that they are okay.