Food / Exercise OCD Test & Symptoms

Often confused with Eating Disorders or conditions, Food and Exercise OCD is commonly described as feeling the need to constantly check calories, eat certain foods at certain times, as well as exercising to achieve a certain caloric loss from that exercise. This systematic, ritualistic way of eating or exercising can easily become the norm of someone’s life with this subtype of OCD. It is not uncommon for these individuals to feel the need to weigh themselves daily or multiple times daily to ensure that you have not gained weight. Just like with other forms of OCD, there can be a level of Perfectionism with this subtype of OCD, which can lead to feeling like exercises have to be perfect, calories have to be met at certain numbers, or feeling guilty if eating what they perceive to be unhealthy foods. There can also be a fear that something bad will happen if they don’t eat at certain times or in a ritualistic manner. These compulsive behaviors can take over someone’s life and can also lead them to either not eat adequately, skip meals, or have to exercise excessively to meet their desired caloric reduction from the foods they ate earlier. This form of OCD can easily be confused with an Eating Disorder by those not familiar with the more subtle ways that OCD can present in someone’s life.