Existential / Philosophical OCD Test & Symptoms

Existential/Philosophical OCD is not as common as other subtypes of OCD. Often times, individuals suffering from this form of OCD are constantly ruminating (mentally analyzing) existential or philosophical fears, which are their form of obsession(s). These individuals often feel the need to understand the meaning of life, death, the universe, why we are here, the existence or nature of God, etc. Oftentimes these individuals will feel greater levels of depression along with anxiety. This is because their ruminating often leads to feelings of despair, helplessness, or hopelessness. Common compulsive behaviors of Existential / Philosophical OCD includes the need to continually analyze or ruminate about specific existential or philosophical concerns, fears, or doubts. This can lead to individuals suffering from this form of OCD to spend many hours a day researching, analyzing, or needing to know or understand the answer to their Existential/Philosophical questions, concerns, or fears.