Counting OCD Test & Symptoms

Counting OCD is a very common subtype of OCD. Individuals suffering from Counting OCD often feel the need to repeatedly count throughout their days. It can often appear as though there is not an obsessional trigger with Counting OCD but this is not the case. Often times, there are certain numbers, lucky numbers, or alternative equations that must be met before taking an action, step, or making a decision. It is often during these times that one with Counting OCD would feel heightened levels of anxiety. Common compulsive behaviors of Counting OCD include the need to repeatedly count in your head, recheck in your mind if you reached certain numbers in the past before taking an action, or avoiding certain tasks until a certain number has been reached, etc. Some individuals suffering from this form of OCD will also feel the need to finish or start actions or behaviors once they reach even, odd, or lucky numbers. This is often done out of fear that something bad will happen if their counting does not land on those numbers.