Contamination OCD Test & Symptoms

Contamination OCD is a very common subtype of OCD. Individuals suffering from Contamination OCD often fear that they are, have been, or will be, contaminated by a specific obsessional trigger. These obsessional trigger(s) can be different for every person that has this form of OCD. Typical obsessional fears of contamination fall into fears of germs, blood, urine, feces, other bodily fluids, radiation, pollutants, chemicals, mold, or other specific contaminants. Some individuals suffering from this subtype can often experience obsessional fears about being emotionally, mentally, or physically contaminated by other people (Emotional / Mental Contamination OCD). Common compulsive behaviors of Contamination OCD include decontaminating oneself or one’s environment from the feared obsessional trigger. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from this form of OCD to want to take prolonged showers, wash their hands repeatedly, use hand sanitizer, or avoid certain places, people, or objects altogether. It is also not uncommon to want to decontaminate one’s bedroom, car, house, etc. once they feel their space has been contaminated by themselves or others. Therefore, common compulsions for Contamination OCD often include remaining uncontaminated by their obsessional trigger through avoidance or decontamination.